EasyKlima Starterkit R134a+LeakStop

EasyKlima® Starterkit r134a
This set contains all what you need to recharge your car's A/C systems.
(For all cars produced since 1994) EAN:0635292347016
Price: €35.99
EasyKlima® Starterkit r134a +LeakStop (Sealer for rubber parts)
This set contains all what you need to seal and recharge your vehicle's air conditioning system. (For all cars produced since 1994)
Price: €55.99
EasyKlima® Gas
We offer a natural hydrofluorocarbon gas serve to refill car’s air conditioning system. This product encloses the equivalent of 510g of R12 and 453g of R134a. EAN:0635292347078
Price: €19.99
EasyKlima® LeakStop (Sealer for rubber parts)
Finally a way to minimise the costly repairs to automotive air conditioning systems. Leak Stopper penetrates the rubber and swells it thus fixing a leak that could otherwise prove a very difficult and expensive task. EAN:0635292347085
Price: €25.99


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